Red Gate

Red Gate makes ingeniously simple tools for SQL and .NET professionals around the world. Our purpose is to make life easier for developers and DBAs, which is why we have a small but dedicated publishing team focused on providing great educational content for our audience. With our publishing content on and, we want to help people be more confident, and more adept, at their jobs. Whether that’s by reading an article about a specific topic, or seeing an announcement for a local user group, or downloading some free scripts that’ll make your job easier, we try to help and support people learning to become better SQL or .NET professionals.

Around 2008 our publishing team started to take on some larger projects. Books. Full-length books. In the past five years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of authors, first-time authors and 8-time veterans alike. Through all this has been our star book editor, Tony Davis.

At a conference in 2012, Tony and Jen McCown from MidnightDBA got to talking. Jen had this book, all first-time SQL authors. They had abstracts and chapters submitted from the community, but what next? Tony, fancy-pants beer in hand, says “Well, you need an editor”. Jen replies “That’s great! I was hoping you could help!” Tony sips his beer, fully realizing what he’s just signed up for and wonders how he’s going to explain it to the boss.*

Luckily, Red Gate quickly okayed this venture and Tony found himself with a pile of first drafts from a gaggle of first-time authors. Through the help of volunteer peer and tech editors, first drafts turned into second-drafts which turned into nearly complete drafts and by gosh this is starting to look like a book!

TribalSQL profits are going to Computers4Africa, a charity chosen by Jen and ratified by the authors that Red Gate are proud to be contributing to. We’re very happy that we’ve been able to play a part in this project to produce a book filled with tribal knowledge – things all SQL developers should know. We’re also delighted to be able to support so many new authors and bring them into the limelight. This project is about the authors, the SQL Tribe, and we hope you enjoy reading what they have to say.

*Dramatization mine.